A Great Organization

Sometimes in life what seems impossible becomes possible, I was able to prove this over the summer. When I received a scholarship for people with disabilities. In a beginning I didn’t wanted to apply, I thought there was no way that I could get the scholarship, and that I was just wasting my time. In the end I’m glad that I changed my mind and I took a shot at getting the grant. Over this past summer around June, the creators of the scholarship fund invited me to a fundraising event. They treated me really nice almost like a celebrity. That day they recognized me for getting the scholarship in front of a large group of people that donated money for the fund. It was definitely a memorable day for me, till this day I still feel extremely thankful for getting the grant. Therefore, as my way of saying thanks to this group of nice people. I decided to write an article for my college newspaper and for this blog informing people about the organization. My goal by making this article is to get people to donate money to this organization so that other students with disabilities benefit from it just like I did.


Here is the article:

Pete’s Pals Scholarships: There is still nice people in this world that worry about others and are willing to help them. The Herchenbach family was a really happy and successful family. Their youngest son was a great student and athlete that planned to go to college. Everything was normal until his junior year of high school a brainstem tumor was detected. Sadly, there was nothing the doctors could do to help him. They controlled him for a couple months.

On August 22, 2006 the day Peter Herchenbach was going to start college. A terrifying event occur he passed away and he wasn’t an able to finish college which was his dream. Peter Herchenbach had a really positive influence in everyone who knew him which led into the creation of the Pete’s Pals Scholarship.

In an interview Pete’s dad Jim Herchenbach said, “Pete’s grandmother had left him, and all of her grandchildren, money for college. With his passing we used that college fund for his funeral and medical bills. This financial change of accounts, in my mind, was probably being forced in various ways on many other parents of young men and women challenged by their health. Pete would be proud if we could somehow help them. So we start the Peter Herchenbach Memorial Fund and began making other donations under the banner of Pete’s Pals”.

In 2007, the Herchenbach family gave the first scholarship. “The first scholarship was offered by contacting every high school in Lake County and receiving only one solid response from Barrington High School concerning Marc Zider. Marc instantly reminded me of Pete. He had years of painful medical interventions originating from leukemia treatments as a child, the result of which was his stunted height, a tilted gait, and sickly appearance. But what you remembered after meeting Marc was his gracious character and warm smile despite his obvious problems – just like Pete. Helping Marc, and his family, conveyed amazing karma to Pete’s family”, said Jim Herchenbach.

Today, the Fund is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that helps high school students that are fighting cancer or other life threatening diseases. Each year, they offer $5,000 college scholarships that can support anyone who, like Peter Herchenbach, is living each day as best they can despite difficult health circumstances. The goal of this scholarship is to help these young warriors by investing in their college education. By doing this the Herchenbach family and friends enheartens Peter Herchenbach spirit.

The Herchenbach family and friends work really hard to fund The Peter J. Herchenbach Memorial Scholarship Fund to keep Peter’s Herchenbach memory alive. The Herchenbach family spends a lot of time creating fundraising events. “Every cent of every dollar raised goes towards scholarships. The administrative work adds up to hundreds of hours of donated time by our family of volunteers. But their efforts pale when compared to the lives of our scholars”, said Jim Herchenbach.

The efforts of the Herchenbach family had definitely paid off they now have 15 Pete’s Pals scholars, including 7 graduates. “It is a tough job since there are always many more deserving applicants and scholars than there are funds. Every year we try to continue to raise more funds so we can grant more scholarships”, said Jim Herchenbach.

Help these organization keep on growing so that many great students keep on getting this amazing scholarship. Your donation to The Peter J. Herchenbach Memorial Scholarship Fund makes a difference in the lives of young adults in need. To donate money to this scholarship check out: http://www.petespals.org/


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