-Focus on finding a BRIGHT side –

Throughout my life with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy I have discovered that I cannot change the fact that I have this disability. However, I can change my attitude towards that fact. For example, due to my disability I’m currently in a wheelchair. For this reason I can’t drive and go anywhere I want or just do a simple task like getting off my bed by myself. If I think of all of this stuff very often, my life would be sad. Instead of thinking that, it’s better if I think about positive things. Such as if I’m always sitting in a wheelchair, my shoes will never get dirty. The lives of everyone might be difficult in some way or another but everyone should always remember to change their attitude towards those difficult challenges. Here are a couple of examples of different bad situations that with a positive attitude a bright side can be found.

If you think you have a hard job or don’t like it very much, well, think about all those people that are dying to have a job. Think about all those people with disabilities and how hard it can be for them to find a job. Realize that at least you have a job and you’re able to make your own money. If you think you have a small house and it’s not the house you dreamed of, well at least you have a place you can call “home.” Also, smaller houses take less amount of time to clean up so be happy about that. If it’s really cold outside and there is a lot of snow, appreciate the beauty of nature. Not all the world is lucky enough to have beautiful seasons throughout the year. If you have a terminal disease, well enjoy life at the fullest. Never miss an opportunity to show the world the happiness of your smile. In today’s society we have different associations that help people with disabilities enjoy their life as much as possible. Make a Wish association is a good example, giving each person with a terminal disability the opportunity to make a wish come true. At least it helps to have a great memory about life. If you don’t get along with a family member, well think about how many people would wish to have a family. Next time you don’t like something you are eating and you are about to throw it away think about those who don’t have anything to eat. I’ve heard so many times about the kids in Africa that don’t have anything to eat, and it’s true! But, I’m really sure you don’t have to go that far. There are people in your own town that cannot have a decent dish of food everyday so don’t complain about those veggies you don’t want to eat. When a relationship ends, yes it is very sad but everything happens for a reason and you know you can always find someone better. If things didn’t work out as you wanted, trust me, there is a good reason why.

~It is not easy to stop worrying about your problems but if you face life with a positive attitude those problems are going to seem much smaller. Try to remind yourself that on every bad situation that can’t be changed, there is always a BRIGHT side to it so focus on finding it instead of worrying about it. Count your blessings, not your problems.



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