I consider myself a guy that loves life despite of having Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. I believe that having a disability doesn’t mean anything and we can all achieve everything despite having any challenge when we believe in God. One of my goals throughout this blog is to show others that life can be enjoy by making the best out of the things we were bless with. But, mainly my purpose is to share those moments full of tears and full of brightness that have taught me something valuable. The school of life teaches each and everyone of us many lessons every day that passes by. Definitely, one of the keys to succeed in life is to always keep on learning new things to become a better person. We all learn from are own mistakes, experiences, and interacting with others. Therefore, each of this blogs is meant to teach you a universal truth of life I have learn and hopefully help you overcome some kind of adversity your going through. Also, I’ll be sharing life truths in the form of real life poems that I write based on my experiences I have face in life. So feel free to fallow me through this journey!


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