Privilege is REAL.

Equality can lead to higher levels of social, academical, mental health, general health and financial satisfaction. We all want to be satisfied in all these diverse areas and often will make decisions to satisfy these basic human needs. This is why immigrants often leave their countries of origin to come to America. As noted by Phd Carter-Black, universals are social phenomena that are shared by every social group. Therefore, this proves that we all have the same universals but in some cases people have to fight for them especially when the government doesn’t support every social group.

From a personal standpoint, I belong to two social groups that have their universal needs frequently threaten by the government of America. Yes, we claim this is the country of opportunities. Yet, the opportunities of those who are immigrants and have disabilities get constantly threaten to be taken away by the dominant group. For instance, DACA which supported illegal immigrants brought here as children might be no longer available. This will cause some immigrants to lose access to an education making them have unsatisfied needs. For those with disabilities, Medicaid the insurance that kept this social group alive, may take away the financial support that allowed this group to have power wheelchairs to get around, expensive surgeries, and other services. By taking away some of the financial support this group had, it will basically take away their right to live for those who don’t have the money to pay for expensive life-changing surgeries.

In addition, there are other areas I have struggled that don’t have do with any kinds of services. As a legal immigrant I don’t feel threaten but I still have the struggle of being a immigrant. Immigrants even if they are given the privilege to obtain a equal education and to work they face other challenges that many American workers will never understand. Until they take a moment to have empathy towards immigrants they will be able to become aware of the hardship that is associated with being an immigrant. We don’t just take advantages, we undergo through a complex process that should be acknowledged. There are three types of immigrants; cultural mainstreamers, cultural straddlers, and non-complaint believers.

Cultural mainstreamers try to fit in through assimilation and this type may only end up succeeding academically. Secondly, cultural straddles embrace bicultural beliefs and can switch back an forth across their cultures. These immigrants are able to succeed academically and socially so all immigrants should aim to be cultural straddles. Non-complaint believers, favor their own country cultural representation and fail to assimilate. They often succeed only socially. (Carter-Black, Cultural Assimilation). This content shows that it is complex for immigrants to adjust in order for them to succeed both academically and socially. But, if the government doesn’t support programs like DACA some immigrants won’t even have a chance to adapt.

Now, if we think about it the dominant group will never have to deal with being at a country unknown for them. They will never be afraid of losing their services. They will never be afraid to wake up the next day and get deported. They will never have to learn a new language for necessity. They will never have to work three jobs to support their families. They will never have to leave their loved ones behind in the attempt to satisfy their human needs. They will never be afraid to lose their rights. Lastly, they won’t be afraid of the struggle to find themselves in an unknown country.

According to the recognized socialist, Michael Kimmel, privilege is invisible to those who have it. We see discrimination but not privilege. This is the time for everyone to be equal and get rid of inequality in other to satisfy everyone’s basic human needs. The way a lot of people in a dominant group see attempts to reach equality is as reverse discrimination towards them. For instance, they claim that immigrants are stealing their jobs but they simply want to have the privilege to obtain jobs. As far as people with disabilities they say they waste too much money on us. Yet, we are just trying to live the most healthy and equal lives. Both groups are trying to fulfill their universal basic needs that the young able-bodied rich heterosexual white Americans already have in front of their eyes. Privilege, has closed the eyes of some of the people in the dominant group. I wrote this in the attempt to open those eyes into the light of empathy.

Overall, privilege is hidden under discrimination. Both, discrimination and privilege are as real as you and me. Multiple different groups are affected by both so take a moment to reflect and appreciate the privileges you have. Let’s acknowledge those innocent individuals that are trying everything to obtain some of our privileges. Most importantly, we need to love one another equally and we have to embrace our differences like God meant it. Therefore, policy makers of this country, American citizens, and our president need to consider the complex processes minority groups face. In order to understand that these social groups including immigrants and people with disabilities are humans with emotions and equal universal needs. In this case, American people who feel threaten by different social groups they should consider that these individuals are humans that share identical desires to succeed in their health, social, academical, mental, and financial needs. Having the ability to recognize that these individuals are different but have the same desires will encourage the government to keep on helping all minorities succeed in life. That is what has made the US such a great country throughout the history!



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