The perks of being a Mexican Immigrant in the U.S.

As all of you know I’m a Mexican immigrant guy that rolls through his power wheelchair in Champaign and no I’m not a criminal. That basically sums up my identity but it doesn’t go into the actual core values and principles that define who I am. The truth is, several Mexican immigrants in multiple ways are like me from what I have noticed from asking other immigrant Mexican friends that I have. There is a pattern of ten perks that some of the Mexican immigrants I know have attached to their identity. In this blog I’ll list all of them.

Before I begin, I want to leave two aspects clear. First, not all Mexican immigrants are like this. Secondly, not all immigrants are Mexicans either there are immigrants that are Asians, Europeans, Africans and other countries in Latin America. Now let’s start with this detailed list of the ten main perks that I’ve discovered a good chunk of us share.

1. Most of us are Catholic or God believers. This allows us to be thankful every day for what we got. Also, we are able to believe in the unseen which helps us accomplish the impossible and try many things out of our comfort zone.

2. We are typically hardworking people. All of us usually realize that whatever we have, we have earned it with our work. For instance, both of my siblings since a young age work and help the family out when needed. Due to my disability I couldn’t do much but I’m always looking for opportunities to help out.

3. Family is one of the aspects of life we value the most. In my family we stay in touch all the time. I never go a day without talking to my parents. Plus, I feel like the union within the family is the best kind of support all ever find. My Hispanic friends usually stay in touch with their parents everyday as well. But, when I have asked people from different ethnicities usually they don’t stay in touch with their parents as much or find it strange that I have to call my mom every single day. They see it as a sign of weakness or something.

4. We are usually friendly people. Most us that were raised in Mexico believe everyone is our friend. Over in our lands everyone greets themselves by a hug and a kiss in the cheek which allows us to bond faster. When we say goodbye, same routine. Over here the greetings are more cold so is harder to know that someone likes you as a person or feels sad about saying goodbye.

5. Being a Mexican immigrant in this country makes you aware of how to fix your own country up. You never know how to fix a broken system until you emerge yourself in a better one. Since I came from Mexico I know exactly the aspects that are lacking in our country. For instance, there is no Medicaid insurance or any accommodations put in place by the government to help those with disabilities. Therefore, I’m aware of what exactly needs to be fixed in my country and I hope someday it gets better. I would love to create a organization to raise funds in order to set up better accommodations for people with disabilities in my country of origin.

6. We are usually more determined to obtain our goals. The way the determination of most immigrants works is that we always think that if our parents manage to immigrate to a different country and establish a good quality of life, I can do anything I set my mind to and it shouldn’t be as hard.

7. Immigrating has made almost all of us more responsible and independent at a younger age. For my siblings and I, we had to translate my mom in many situations which made us more responsible. Plus, in a lot ways we were more involved in our own health, my moms medical appointments, helping our parents solve problems, and in school. Many times we solve issues on our own before even asking for our parents help. At times they didn’t know how many aspects work since we were in a different country. We had to learn how this new country works together.

8. Most of us have pride in our nation and where we came from. Whenever we meet someone from Mexico we cannot avoid not talking to them and we usually ask them where they are from in Mexico. Plus, whenever we are in our lands we all feel like fishes in the sea – more comfortable than in any other place.

9. A lot of us have a tendency to be humble. No matter how successful we become we usually remember where we came from and we talk to all kinds of people no matter their status. For example, my sister is a dentist and has many friends who come from a rich household. However, she also still hangs out with her friends that never attended college.

10. Being a immigrant makes us get the best of both worlds. We maintain the useful principles from our country of origin and acquire new good principles from the country we immigrated to. Being born in Mexico taught me to be more friendly with others which is a good skill. However, in my specific town in Mexico we tend to care more about behavior or what people wear at times. Yet, here everyone is often care free. People wear pajamas to school or the store every now and then. That has taught me to not judge others by their cover or some of their behaviors. So, in that sense I have gotten the opportunity to get the best of both worlds.

Overall as you can all clearly see immigrant Mexicans are not all criminals. There is a lot more to us than what media or our president often think. If you think this way don’t lie to yourself, you are just being racist.

Anyways, not 100% of the Mexican immigrants are in the way I described them on this list. I don’t want to generalize. But, I wanted to show a different type of Mexican immigrants that is often not shown in media. To be honest, there is good and bad people in every ethnicity, religion and political ideology. Also, there are perks to all identities too. So, simply embrace the good aspects of who you are peacefully and be proud of it.

To conclude the post, being a Mexican immigrant is a blessing to me and it has been really beneficial to my life. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today if I wasn’t a Mexican that happened to immigrate in search of better opportunities. That one drastic change taught me the best of both worlds, made me more independent, and gave me determination to make the best out of the opportunities that come my way. I want to finish by saying that I’m proud to be a Mexican that’s humble, believes in God and values family over anything which in the end is all I got.




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