We all need each other.

Have you ever realized how everything is part of a perfect plan? Like a puzzle, nothing would be the same without one piece of it. At times, I have felt a strike in my head that tells me how every experience adds up together making me feel like every little thing has been worth it. God gives us other people to change us, to help us, pointing us in the right direction and make us who we are meant to be. In this blog, I’ll analyze the way it’s a blessing to have each other in this world and the idea that truly together we are stronger. Yes, Hilary Clinton wasn’t wrong in using that phrase for her campaign.

My wheels wouldn’t be rolling at UIUC if it was not for the people I have met throughout my life. My family, doctors, social workers, MDA camp, Stevie Hopkins, and my PA’s have guided me into the path towards a graduation. Yes, I have opened my eyes to focus myself to obtain an education like everyone else. However, I haven’t done it all by myself. This has happened thanks to the people God has thrown into my life. I used to think that it sucks to depend on others but I’ve realized the we all need of each other’s hands to get anywhere. No one can achieve anything without the help of the people around.

Paulo Coelho once said, “When you really want something the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it.”

Indeed, I believe the universe or God has helped me get to this point of my life. My family had the courage to bring me to Woodstock, Illinois without even knowing it was just a few hours away from UIUC the best school for those with disabilities. A social worker recommended me to attend the MDA camp which required me to get others besides my family to help me and that gave me confidence in myself. Stevie Hopkins co-founder of the symbol of acceptance encouraged me to get a degree despite having a disability when I still was caught up in the low expectation society has at times for those with disabilities. Then, doctors recommended me to check out UIUC because many of their patients had graduated from there. Lastly, the state has helped me hire personal assistants to get me up in the mornings and get to class. So yeah, I might be awesome for focusing on graduating and pursuing my goals. But, God has truly been more awesome in making all these things fall together for me to reach who I’m meant to be. The only thing I actually have done is open up my eyes and embrace opportunity when it has come my way.

Our country’s old President, Obama said in his farewell address, “We are all in this together either we raise up or we fall together.”

My whole family together has raised with me. They supported me by bringing me here but they have also been able to succeed. My sister is almost a dentist and my brother works for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. They fell with me sacrificing the comfortable life we had back in Mexico but God has raised us up making everything seem worth giving up. At an institutional level as everyone keeps supporting those with disabilities society benefits from our talents and what we can provide for others through various professional fields. For me, I would love to end up providing emotional support and resources to address the needs of those who are struggling like I did at one point too.

Overall, the point I’m making in the blog is that we should all help each other reach whatever our heart desires no matter the circumstances. As long as people aren’t being hurt of course. The more people supporting one another the better for everyone as a greater whole. Let’s all not just focus in achieving our own happiness but helping others get there is important to add meaning into our lives. By helping others, and when I say others I mean everyone around us.. This includes illegal and legal immigrants, low income individuals, the gay community, African Americans, Caucasians, people with disabilities, refugees etc. In the end if they rise our country will rise with them too. At a personal level, I know firsthand the power of helping others because I’m here alive at UIUC thanks to the kind hearts of others. Therefore, I want to be that kind and helpful heart for someone else. As a social worker in the future, I’ll give a hand to others with disabilities and able-bodied that want to reach their full potential and happiness. I know what is like to feel like your dreams won’t come true just simply because of who you are.

Yet, today I’m here to tell the world that dreams become a reality when you believe in God, yourself and in the kind giving hands of others. At least for my case my wheels are half way towards reaching one of my biggest goals of a higher education.



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