-Finding myself in Champaign-

We often have to go away from home even if we like it or not. Immigrants have to make the decision to dive into an known sea of opportunities. To be honest leaving loved lands, friends and family is never easy. But, there comes a time where you have to let it go and hope to discover that better life you have been dreaming of at a unfamiliar place in the world. I found my home away from home on September 16, 2016. I found it at Champaign eleven years after grabbing our bags with my family and leaving Moroleon, Guanajuato. I’m proud to say I arrived home again after the long wait. In this blog I’ll identify how I found myself in a unexpected place and how we should focus in feeling at home in whatever part of the world we are at.

Immigrating affects everyone differently it’s often not that easy to say goodbye to your lands and just utilize opportunities other countries offer. It’s hard to forget your roots. I have family members that have move from Illinois back to my Guanajuato because this amazing place with many job opportunities just didn’t felt like home. In my case, I had no option it was hard for me to see a way of making some kind of a decent life in Mexico for someone with a disability. Especially since I was already in a place where people with disabilities are treated pretty much equal. So I stayed in Woodstock, Illinois patiently I had dark nights where I’ll wanted was to be at my family reunions in my Grandpa’s huge field or at all the family/friends parties.

Eventually, I manage to get into the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. To my fortune I discover gold in a amazing campus. I embrace it my true identity I seek out opportunities to find my place. A friend recommend me a restaurant where they made some big quesadillas name, “Huraches Moroleon”. He couldn’t even pronounce it and I couldn’t even believe he was actually referring to my good old hometown. As soon as I roll in the restaurant there was a picture of my hometowns, “Jardin” Spanish word for, “Square”. Also, there is a famous street on my campus name green street were all the restaurants and bars are at. Ironically in my hometown there is a street known as, “Puebla” that serves the exact same purpose. So I guess the United States and Mexico aren’t that different in that sense at least after all. Finally, I took the decision to join the casa latina thanks to my supportive friends that suggest me to go there and I found many latinos that share my old traditions from my awesome Mexico. This 16th of September we celebrated the Mexican Independence Day as we march down that green street. We were all a bunch of desperate Latinos trying to feel at home away from home. Plus there was other people from different ethnicities trying to learn about the diversity and traditions of my country.

Once that happen I was like I finally after eleven years have arrived to where I been wanting to be for years. So now is my time to enjoy life to the fullest in the sea of opportunities. I prayed many times to God for this young happy days in which I could reach my dreams slowly being free and learning from the life experiences my ride of life throws at me. Now, it’s happening at the moment. All those years I wanted to be in Mexico and I couldn’t have paid off because of the hope I had many of my days to reach for the stars.

That’s what hope and faith in God can do to you it helps you be patient for the painful days to end. A saying says that hope is hold on pain ends. And, believing every day that the impossible will happen with your whole heart will make you focus on finding what your looking for. It’s about never giving up and embracing what you have in the moment only then will you be able find your place at in any given spot of the world. Who would of thought that I was going to find the gold I was looking for at UIUC.

So for all of us humans trying to feel at home in unknown lands let’s all embrace opportunities in whatever spot we are plus embrace your true identity and the people you have available at that given time in life as well. We often don’t know it but maybe what we are looking for is right in front of us yet we don’t recognize it. To finish this up to all the Mexican people out there I wanna say, “Viva Mexico” in what ever place your at. For other people with different identities embrace them in a respectful way and be happy even if some people want you out of that place your currently living at.

To finish this up I will like to point out that my biggest dream is to one day be able to fix other countries in the disability sense I wanna create a fund to raise funds to make other countries wheelchair accessible and heart welcoming as my Illinois. Then with the help of my family or pretty much anyone that genuinely wants to help me I’ll bring the money to the government in those countries and I’ll make sure that they use it to actually benefit other individuals with any kind of disabilities so that they can find themselves at their own countries if that’s what their heart desires. Will see where life takes me I’ll go with the flow for now and I’ll enjoy the awesome ride of life God has bless me to experience for as longest as I can but obviously I’ll make sure to help out who ever I can a long my way.



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