~Life is a ride towards happiness🌏♿️~

Everyone is looking for happiness but no one knows how to really arrive to it. There is a few routes and different ways of transportation to take to get there. In this world there is a full variety of possibilities. The ends and the means. We want to end our ride in a smiling happy place. But, our means to get to the place may change from person to person. We often as humans are given a large variety of different resources to get to happiness. Some resources may get us closer to happiness only for a awhile. So in this ride, we were given positive and negative resources that lead us to complete or fake happiness.

Here is a list of positive resources that all types of people may use to reach happiness👇:

1. Feet and hands need to be used to cooperate with others towards happiness.
2. Manual wheelchairs and motorized ones to help those who are disabled.
3. Fancy or crappy cars, bicycles, skate boards, and air planes.
4. Money for gas and different tasty food to survive the ride.
5. People with wisdom to guide us and help us get there.
6. God in different forms.
7. Nature, animals, and music for us to enjoy the ride.
8. Honest, respectful and kind people to support us to get there. Some may even ride along towards happiness with us forever.

This list could go on but the point is we are all blessed with many things that we often don’t use wisely to arrive to happiness. As humans we get confused with what makes us enjoy our ride until we arrive to happiness. For me, happiness it’s heaven and we won’t get there if we don’t love one another like brother and sister. However, we as humans are terribly weak when temptation hits our heads. In that moment we can get lost in bumpy routes that have short term happiness. Once the happiness is over, the reality hurts those innocent hearts that just wanted to get to that loving happy place.

Here is the list of negative short term happiness we tend to get lost in at times👇:

1. Dishonest people that supports us to get there and then takes advantage of us to get to enjoy their own ride towards happiness. Often times in the form of money or making fun of others.
2. People with selfish feelings that don’t care if we ever get there.
3. Drugs and alcohol that hurts the body in the long run but has some temporary happy feelings.
4. People that pressure you into accelerating the ride of life until we crash and hurt our inside feelings.
5. Feet and hands that are used to hurt others.
6. Superficial people with money obsessions.
7. Unwise and immature people frustrated with hate.
8. Magical happiness that we create in our heads in order to arrive to happiness.
9. Lonely routes with broken dreams that we once consider would get us to happiness.
10. Racist people that hold grudges against groups of innocent people along the ride.
11. People full of jealousy issues which will hate on our means to get to happiness.

The truth is we reduce our chances of getting to happiness if we fall deeply into the wrong paths to get there. Yet, we are desperate trying to get to that happiness which can often blind our vision. At times we walk or roll into a dark path to realize the importance of taking upon a brighter one. Some of us have a clear direction of what route we want to take in order to get to a spot full of joy in which we will feel complete. But, in the end if we design our own routes in a wise way, we will get there sooner or later. We just need more patience instead of despair. Step by step one day at a time everything will end okay. Most of us are stubborn human beings seeking somebody special to spend the ride to happiness with. But, we can either choose wisely or we can get knock down the hard way. All of our decisions will shape our path which can turn either to be a smooth one or a bumpy one. Others have many ambitions and we want a few bucks to use in order to make us enjoy the ride. Also, some of us want to take a moment to contribute to others and help them get to a positive happiness with our work. Let’s face it, we all need a nice amount of these three factors plus the positive happiness resources in order to help others arrive to true happiness.

Overall, let’s all enjoy the ride and celebrate the fact that we are all blessed to be in this ride together. Where the ups will make us feel like flying and the downs should teach us something. Whenever we get low we got to learn to innovate and fix our map to happiness. Yes, a map seems like too much work but let’s not fall in the mistake of being too lazy to plan our lives. Let’s get out there in the world and learn our own proper wise way to get to happiness.

As from my own experience the guidance of God is my only for sure plan I got. I have hopes to conquer all my dreams one day and spread love when I get the chance. There is too much hate in this ride so I wanna throw love as my wheels ride on my path towards happiness. Through my life, I want to write and tell truths based on universal lessons I will learn throughout my life. My most current plan is to help out others overcome the different adversities in life once I get my masters in social work so that we can all arrive to happiness.

In the end God has helped me enjoy my ride since the day I was born in the fallowing aspects:

1. Stay on track in my dreams by praying to reach them every day.
2. Spread some love.
3. Give to others.
4. Have gratitude for my every day blessings.
5. It has made me have more integrity when it comes to being a moral character.
6. Love myself.
7. Respect others because God is the one that will judge everyone at the end.
8. Believe in the impossible.
9. Recognize that I’m a sinner and develop knowledge from my mistakes.
10. Realize I haven’t done my ride of life alone.
11. Feel support when no one gives me any.
12. Get a sense of meaning and perspective.
13. Establish a sense of commitment when it comes to choosing a girl to ride a long to happiness with me. I want a girl to completely respect me take me as I am or not take me at all.

God is the master key to my happiness and that’s the only map I need in order to arrive to happiness. To anyone reading this right now I wish you good luck in your ride to happiness, live it up and most importantly, make it your own! Make sure you choose a wise one that will make you enjoy the ride of life to the fullest in the long run.



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