The rules I roll by♿️👌🏼

Throughout my ride of life I have developed some simple rules to live by. Some of these rules help me stay strong in life and my own mistakes have made me identify most of these rules. In this blog, I will be sharing all of my useful rules. Alright, let’s roll.

1. Never eat a taco, without salsa.

2. Pray every night and identify your goals. Doing so will help you maintain focus towards achieving them.

3. Face life with a smile and always have a wink ready.

4. Take it easy when you are drinking alcohol with a straw because you don’t want to end up like this guy below👇.


5. Think before you speak more often.

6. Think before you ink.

7. Travel the world when you have the chance to do so.

8. Defend yourself by running people over (if you happen to be lucky enough to be in a wheel chair of course).

9. Girls tend to come and go. Therefore, concentrate on making yourself happy first.

10. Be careful, when giving rides to multiple girls out there it might get intense.

11. To every bad situation there is always a positive side that can be found. Look for it, enjoy it, and thank God.

12. Never judge others so give yourself the opportunity to know all kinds of people out there.

13. Roll with the suit and tie swag as often as possible.

14. If you are sitting in a wheelchair. Always buy expensive shoes, because they will never get dirty/old.

15. Help out others in need when you have the chance. Helping others can give you some of the best feelings in life.

16. Always believe in yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you what you are capable of achieving. That only depends on you!

17. Dance and spin your wheels around whenever you get the chance to do so.

18. Live with no worries. Always remember that you know what you want but only God knows what you NEED! God will take care of everything you just got to trust him!

19. Always make sure you smell/look good even if you don’t have a reason. The reason should always be YOU!

20. Do fast donuts with your power wheelchair when you get bored.

21. When your in need of an advice, talk to your family or your most loved ones.

22. Never be afraid to ask for help. (If its possible ask the cute girls 😉

23. Stop waiting for a perfect moment, just take that moment and make it perfect.

24. Always try to find the opportunity to talk to those pretty Asian girls. (Sorry, I have a thing for Asian girls)

25. Never lose hope.

26. Tequila can be too powerful.

27. Pain doesn’t last forever, but the lessons learned while you are in pain do!

28. Live like there is no ‪tomorrow‬‬.

29. Always keep on taking chances. The chances that you don’t take today you will regret them ‪tomorrow‬‬.

30. Try to spend as much time as possible with those who make you smile.

31. Eat a Reese’s every time you accomplish a task like doing homework.

If your reading this blog right now I strongly want to challenge you to make yourself a list of all the rules you have developed by your mistakes. It makes you actually realize all your mistakes, so that you avoid going through the same pain all over again. Plus it can make you notice the actions and things that make you enjoy life. Overall, remember that life is about making mistakes but the important thing is that we actually learn from them. Always keep in mind that no lessons would be learned if we made no mistakes. Life is too short so make sure you enjoy it!



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