Are people with disabilities inspirations for the society?

Enactment is being the proof of an argument. I’m ready to show through this blog and my life, that people with disabilities’ can simply be the proof of an argument. Most individuals on wheels argue at society that they aren’t inspirations. They claim to simple be living life at the fullest like everyone else. This is true, but we cannot ignore the fact that society can tell right away that we have a physical challenge.

In other words I’m describing material identification. This is when society can see that a person is part of something based on a physical characteristic. If us that roll on wheels achieve important goals. Anyone can tell that we are managing to accomplish these goals despite the obvious challenges we were given. Indivuals on wheels and able-bodied people are all a part of overcoming challenges because life presents challenges to each and everyone of us.

However, it’s easier for people to notice a life challenge when coming across someone that “rolls” through life. They can easily see that he or she is overcoming a life challenge. In this world we all are equal and we all have challenges. Some are physically obvious and others are hiding behind a smile. But, anyone can focus on proving that their challenge won’t stop them from living a good unique happy successful life.

Therefore, If I’m writing blogs and a book about my life. It doesn’t mean that my goal is to be an inspiration. I simply want to be a living example that proves the fact that overcoming adversity and equality is possible with the love of God. If utilizing my passion for writing and giving speeches or having conversations with strangers is what will take me to be that kind of person that’s the route I’ll take my wheels through.

On a final note, here is the answer to the question in the title of this blog: Us on wheels AREN’T necessarily inspirations. However, if we reach all of our goals we can easily turn into examples and show others around us that we are the living proof of the following argument: “Challenges shouldn’t stop any human being from reaching anything in life and being happy”



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