Find your true passion.

My life wouldn’t be the same if I would of not found my true passion. I feel like it would have no point, therefore I’m extremely glad I found my passion. In this blog I will show the way I determined my true passion, how it has affected my life in a positive way, why it is important to have a true passion, and how to make sure you find a meaning to your life. So, let’s roll then.

Ever since I have memory I have been writing my parents a letter for their birthdays and on father’s/mother’s day. Each time my parents would read my letters tears would stream down their cheeks. They were always impressed by the emotional way I would write them. At my parents house they currently have a huge pile of those letters that I’ve wrote to them in my entire life. This all started because my sister Yessica liked to write letters to my parents as well. As her little brother I had to follow her example. Later on when the years passed, she stopped writing them letters but I didn’t. Today I know the reason and it’s because writing is my true passion. One day not too long ago I looked over the letters my parents have saved over the years. I was impress at the way I used to write my very first letters and definitely I have grown a lot as a writer. Obviously, I can still improve so much more.

My parents knew I had some sort of a talent for writing. For several years I kept that talent hiding in the inside of me and it would only come out each time I would write my parents a letter. When I was little, I wanted to be an architect because it sounded cool. Also, since I liked to create things and I was good in math, but eventually I changed my mind and it was the best thing that could ever happen to me.

When I was seventeen around my summer break, my mom gave me a book called: Life Without Limits, it was an inspirational one. This was wrote by Nick Vujicic, he has no limbs and it helped me view my disability in a much better way. He was similar to me in the sense that we were both born with a challenge that is not too common. That motivated me to start writing an autobiography of my life. I thought to myself, “I probably could write a book on my life too, I doubt I could ever published it though but I’ll do it for fun”.

I began writing the book on the summer of 2011 and I remember that day as if it was yesterday. Each time I would sit on my wheelchair to start writing. My plan was to write for only fifteen minutes each day but those fifteen minutes would always turn into two hours. I just couldn’t stop myself from writing. The most impressive thing was that to me those two hours seemed like five minutes.

Then, when my senior year of high school came along, I took a speech class and a creative writing course. On those courses I would always write and give speeches about some of my most life changing moments. Most of the time people would give me great feedback and that made me believe I had the potential to be a motivational writer. On that moment I decided that maybe I could become an architect and also write only one well written book.

Later, when I arrived to college and I had to choose a major, I realized that I couldn’t do much hands on stuff anymore since my strength was weaker and for some reason math got tougher. Therefore, my best option was to take a path where I would have to write all the time. I had one concern on my head though, “How about if my books don’t sell? What would I do to support myself?”. That’s when I looked into different majors that involved writing. Journalism stood out to me since it involved writing on newspapers weekly or daily. That was a great solution working as a journalist to earn enough money and then obtaining extra money from my books. At the time I was eighteen and at that age I realized I actually wanted to keep on writing every single day of my life.

On that same year I started this blog called, “Wheelchairs Rock”. With the goal of writing about the experiences in my life that have taught me something valuable. Also my plan was to show the world that having an illness was not so bad and it was awesome on many ways. Many people have started to read my blogs, putting likes in them, sharing them and putting nothing but good positive comments. Those simple things reassured me that the path I have chose was the right one. Finding my passion completed my life and the fact that others could benefit from what I write gave a meaning to my life.
This life that each and everyone of us is living it’s a puzzle that cannot be completed without finding a true passion. That true passion is a puzzle piece and without it our life cannot have a complete meaning. These true passions can be different for everyone of us. The definition of a true passion is the one activity that each of us would enjoy to do everyday for the rest of our lives.

The worst feeling is when you don’t know your true passion. When people don’t have a passion is like they are lost and they can’t find a direction. Some people find it really hard to discover their true passion. One of the reasons is because they have multiple talents and they are really smart. If your one of those people stick to one of your talents. Put your heart and soul into it and make the best out of it. A mistake I have seen on countless people is that first they spend some time on a talent and then they change to another talent. Most of these people end up not succeeding on anything. Since this people are often really smart they end up throwing their smartness away. However, If you are  currently one of these people you can always decide which talent you want to fully develop. It’s never too late to choose one talent and stick to it.

On the other hand, there is people who don’t like anything and they have no idea what their true passion might be. They often feel that they don’t have any kind of talent. To be honest, I’m sure that God gave a talent to everyone. What happens, is that maybe this people just haven’t take the chance to discover their talent yet. If your one of those people, I encourage you to go out there and try many different hobbies you haven’t try in the past. After that, you will have a better understanding of what your true passion might be.

There is something that I want to leave clear. One thing is to determine your true passion and another different thing is to make sure that a true passion gives a meaning to your life. Adam Leipzig CEO of Entertainment Media Partners and one of the top creativity speaker’s came up with 5 questions everybody should ask themselves in order to find a meaning in their lives. If your reading this right now in order for you to identify if a passion will give a meaning to your life, you should answer the following questions:
Who you are? What would you love to do for the rest of your life? Who would you do this for? What do this type of people want or need from you? How will they change as a result of what you’ll give them?. The reason for answering these questions is that by finding your true passion at the same time you may give a meaning to any person’s life. It’s simple, because two of those questions are about yourself and the other three are about helping out others. God wants us to be kind to others and answering these questions will make us give a hand to others in need. Trust me, helping out others by doing your passion will bring happiness and meaning into any kind of life and more importantly to yours.

Here are my five answers to the questions above and you can use this as an example to when you answer those five key questions:

-Who you are?
Anuar Escutia.

-What would you love to do for the rest of your life?
Write motivational books and columns on newspapers.

-Who would you do this for?
All books I’m writing, I will write them for people of all ages that want to overcome their adversities and that need some kind of hope. Regarding my newspaper columns, ill write them to inform others about important issues, ideas and all kinds of relevant useful information.

-What do this type of people want or need from you?
They are in need of hope, a better attitude and relevant information.

-How will they change as a result of what you’ll give them?.
The people that actually read my book will become wiser, appreciate more what they have and be more informed about various topics.

To wrap up this blog, I will like to end it by telling everyone to decide what your true passion is. In order to make this easier think about choosing one talent that you could probably teach to someone. Once you figure this out answer the five key questions to find a meaning to your life. After that, simply embrace your true passion, fight as hard as you can to be the best that you can be at it, and give to others with your whole heart. Lastly, always keep in mind to not give up easily on your passion because the most worthwhile things in life are not necessarily easy to achieve.


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