Goodbye to the awesome life I have.

My life is currently about to have a drastic change. It’s exciting, and it kind of makes me nervous. At the end, I know taking this step will be great for me. In August 18th 2015, I will be starting a new journey. This journey will be moving to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I will be living in a dorm for students with disabilities. The point of this blog is to give a short reflection, describe the awesome life I’m saying goodbye to, and to identify in what ways will it be great for me to make this change in my life. Okay, let’s roll.

I believe that the life I have right now is comfortably awesome since I enjoy the ups and downs that it has. However, if I keep living this comfortable life it will not be successful enough in the long run, because I have goals to pursue. My awesome life right now, basically consisted of going to an inexpensive community college that financial aid covered for me. I didn’t had a job but I didn’t need it, since the government helped me pay for college and my parents would always give me some money. With that money I would hangout with friends and family. When I was at home I was able to watch Netflix for hours, read books, do homework or just chill out on my chair watching a soccer game. I wouldn’t do any tasks like cleaning my room or washing the dishes. That’s because I can’t do those tasks and in way it makes my life more confortable. As you all can see my life was comfortably awesome. The thing is my wheels just couldn’t get stuck in this clever chapter of my life. Rolling through this chapter was awesome for awhile but I got to roll over this chapter. If we want success, we have to be willing to challenge ourselves and give up everything to achieve it.

In the end this chapter will lead me towards not just a good life but to a good successful life. When I make this change I will be saying hello to Independence, responsibility, hard work, dedication, achieving great goals, school bills, new friends, wild party’s, strangers helping me out, organizing myself more, figuring how to use public transportation on my own, hiring personal assistants, teaching personal assistants how to help me properly and not depending on my parents for everything. In general, having more freedom. I’m sure there are more challenges coming up that I haven’t even thought about.

In order for me to roll by this chapter of my life many things had to happen. My dad had to be a citizen of the United States. My parents had to decide to move from Mexico to America. I had to meet someone with a disability at the Muscular Dystrophy Association camp that proved me that it was possible for me to graduate from a University. Lastly, I had to have the enough dedication and perseverance to get good grades. That’s why people cannot ever say that destiny doesn’t exist. I truly believe there is someone up there known as God that sets these destines for people.

Overall, this chapter that I’m about to roll on will teach me the most about life. It will make me appreciate my amazing parents. Most importantly it’ll teach me how to live on my own and train personal assistants to help me. There will be a before and after Anuar when I graduate. That after Anuar will be a much wiser and independent one with many of his goals achieved. I’m sure I’ll be much wiser because when we challenge ourselves we always grow as a person. Each and everyone of us should focus on growing as a person by always challenging ourselves until we achieve success. Although many things about me will change, I’m sure one thing will be always the same. I will still be rolling through this life with a smile on my face. As of now UIUC I’m ready for you😉♿🎉🎓👧🍻.


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