The great benefits I’ve had from having Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy part 2

Time flies, it has been a year that I started this Wheelchairs Rock blog. So many things have changed in this year. My first blog had eleven benefits of having Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Believe it or not, I have discovered that this list doesn’t just end there. As I continue rolling through this life I’m sure ill keep discovering more benefits of having my illness. I have decided I will maintain myself upgrading this epic list. In order for this to make more sense, feel free to navigate through my blog page and find my very first blog. That first blog contains the first eleven benefits of this list. Okay, let’s roll♿.

12. In high school I would not been able to get away with being late. Since I would not been sitting in a wheelchair, therefore I probably would of have had many boring detentions.

13. Thanks to my disease I have been attending a week long summer camp for people with physical disabilities every year and that is always the best week of my year. I couldn’t imagine my life without going to camp.

14. I’m never helping out at home with any tasks like washing the dishes since I can’t do much. Instead, I can just be relaxing on my chair as I watch Netflix while my family takes care of a lot of stuff.

15. Never would of meet some awesome people because I would never had ran them over, “Accidentally”.

16. It makes it easy to make friends. Anytime when I’m out rolling fast at school, store, neighborhood, and etc. There are always certain people that will come up to me and be like, “Hey man how fast does that thing go”. Then we have a conversation and next time I see them we talk again. I’ve meet many cool people by rolling fast next to them.

17. I love my wheelchair swag. If I didn’t had this disability all the funny wheelchair shirts I have bought, I probably would of never have bought them. Like this one below👇.


18. I can mess around with cute little kids heads. Pretty much every where I roll these small looking folks will come up to me. They always open up their eyes as if they were seeing some sort of an unknown alien from another planet. Then they ask me, “What happen?”. I simple tell them, “We’ll I didn’t eat those veggies my mom wanted me to eat”.

After all, I have discover that challenging situations don’t make people unhappy. But, their attitude towards those challenges does. I truly don’t regret having my disability. Rolling through life on my power wheelchair, has been one hell of an awesome ride. I will keep enjoying this ride today, tomorrow and the day after that because rolling around in a power wheelchair rocks ♿👌😉


2 thoughts on “The great benefits I’ve had from having Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy part 2

  1. Anuar!!!!! 😀 Holaaa!! jeje Me encantó todo!! muy cierto! Y me parece genial que saques tantas ventajas bonitas de la situación, así debe ser!! 🙂 y amé el número 18 jajaja y bueno, me disculpo por haber estado desaparecida todo este tiempo 😦 disculpa, pero he andado en mil cosas!! (I’m dying haha) pero ya ando por aquí mas tranquila y quise pasar a dejarte un comentario! ^^ Te mando un abrazo y muchos saludos para ti y toda tu familia!! Cuídate!

  2. Muchas Gracias Gina!! 😊 lo aprecio mucho. Si son ventajas simples y ligeras pero al final de cuentas aprovecharlas le a dado alegria a mi vida😃. No te preocupes igual yo eh andado ocupadon estos dias aver si un dia de estos ablamos mas. Igualmente Gina te mando un abrazo desde Chicago se te quiere cuidate :3.

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