CAMP🌄, my definition of heaven.

Every summer I attend an amazing place full of acceptance for a week. A place where nothing matters, you can do anything and no one will judge you. A place where no one has a disability, everyone has an ability. A place where everyone views people with disabilities as a person, not as someone disable. Nope, this place is not heaven. However, I feel like this place is the closest I’ve been from heaven. From the age of fifteen to seventeen I attended the Muscular Dystrophy Association Camp which is a camp for kids with disabilities similar to mine. That camp is only from ages six to seventeen. Since I turned eighteen I been going to Horizon Camp every summer. This camp is for people with any kind of physical disabilities from ages eighteen and above. For a week an able-bodied attendant, gets pair up with a camper who has a physical impairment.

During this week, I always meet the most nice and cool people ever. Both rolling in wheels and able bodied. Throughout the pass few years I been going to camp, I have made many great memories and friends that will last a life time. At camp I always do interesting activities. Such as, going to the pool, cookouts by a warm bonfire, boat rides next to the sunset, and intense power wheelchair hockey games. Every time I attend camp, I never want to come back home. It’s just so relaxing to be in that place. At times I wish I could stay forever at camp, meeting lots of new people and only focusing on enjoying life with no worries about anything and in a beautiful place by a lake. That is the perfect life to me.

I been only attending a camp for people with disabilities for a few years. In a way I wish I would of attended a camp like this one earlier in my life. It’s just a crazy feeling that each year I go gets better and better. Particularly, this past year turned out to be more fun in a way. Well in order for me to be able to eat I use a higher trade since I can’t bend my back or lift my hands. Unfortunately, I forgot it at home and in a beginning when I realized I didn’t had it, it made me sad. But, of course my over used motto for life came into play, “To every bad situation a bright side can be found.” Once again, I found it. In this case the bright side was that throughout the week I had lots of pretty girls from all kinds of ethnicities feeding me. Any guy would love this, for me it was like the american dream came true. Lots of good looking girls go to that camp which is another one of the reasons is a heavenly place to be at.

Previously, I described how being at Horizon Camp makes me feel. Now I’ll tell you, the two main lessons camp has taught me about life. When you have a disability, being the most independent possible from your family is important. Since you can’t do many tasks, they tend to do a lot for you and sometimes even more than you need. That first time I attended a camp for people with disabilities, it made a huge impact on me. I discovered that I didn’t had to depend on my family all of my life. There are other nice people that are going to be able to help me out. Probably not as good as them, but knowing that there are other people able to help me out felt great. Going to camp proved to me that it was possible to hire personal assistants to help me out one day. I needed courage to be able to pursue my goal of living on my own by hiring others to help me. Camp gave me that courage and for that I will always thank my camp. Today, I’m about a month away from moving to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and I’m currently hiring my own personal assistants. Furthermore, camp taught me how to live my life with a disability. Until I went to camp, I was completely able to understand that a disability shouldn’t mean a thing.

Throughout my life, I’m going to try my best to keep attending every summer to the closest place to heaven. Now, attending a summer camp has become one of my yearly traditions. I found something I love and I’m going to keep doing what makes me happy. My life would be so much different if camp had never given me the courage to fight for my dreams despite my condition.

P.S. next week I’ll be back to the closest place to heaven. I can’t wait to disconnect from everything for a few days and relax. I’m so ready to see some friends, meet new people, and of course spend some time with those pretty ladies😉.


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