Immigrating save my life.

Sometimes as I’m sitting on my clever seat with four wheels, I think about how different my life would be if I currently lived in the country where I was born. Unfortunately, some countries such as Mexico are not very well organized and have a poor government system. One of the biggest issues in my country that affects me is inequality. Poor, and disabled people don’t really count and it’s really hard to get help from the government. Only the few rich able-bodied people can manage it to have a life a little less fortunate. For people on wheels like me, is hard to find places that are completely wheelchair accessible. Poor people or people with illnesses most of the time don’t attend college. It’s really difficult to have financial aid available to help any students pay for college. Since not so many people obtain a high education level there is not a lot of professionals and job opportunities. Every citizen of any country deserves to have the right to have an education and here in the United States any citizen can do it. God loves everyone equally and unconditionally. If all the governments could believe in God and follow his example, in every single country each of us would always count and we would have equal opportunities.

Their are nice things that I love about my country. The food is great, beaches are beautiful, and mostly everyone is always friendly. For many reasons coming to America wasn’t easy for my family and I. We faced so many challenges and we left everything: Loved ones, friends, properties, business and pets. When we arrived here many of those things were basically thrown away. We arrived here with nothing not even a single spoon so we had to start from scratch. All of this just because God gave me a huge battle called, Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy. I’ve heard many times that when it’s dark we need to look for stars. In this case stars were better opportunities and quality of life for people with disabilities. So in July 13th, 2005 we grabbed our bags with only our clothes and we left that fun and loving place called Moroleon, Guanajuato in search of those stars. Eventually we found those stars and I feel glad that we made this drastic change.


I have no words to thank my parents and siblings for sacrificing the lives they had in Moroleon. God gave me a war but he gave me a great army of soldiers that have helped me fight it. I feel extremely blessed for having an amazing and strong family that has supported me through thick and thin.

If my family and I would of not move to America “The sea of the opportunities”, I probably would be sitting in a manual chair at my house all day. Going outside my house to go to college or anywhere wouldn’t be possible, and living on my own would totally be impossible. Most people with disabilities in America take all of this opportunities they have for granted. I feel they should take a moment to think about how people with disabilities are treated in other countries. So that they can appreciate the great opportunities that they have available.

After all, I’m glad I was born in Mexico and then I came here because I can appreciate even more the opportunities that this great country has to offer. When things in my life don’t seem to make me smile I think about how other folks on wheels have it way worse than me in other countries.

Furthermore, I’m about to embark on a journey. Which is, going away to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I’ll be living on my own with the help of kind personal assistants. I’m scared in a way it will be a big change in my life. But, this will not be as hard as when I moved to America. So if my family and I survived that change, I will be able to get through this and pretty much anything. Definitely, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I can truly say that my family and I really found the stars we were looking for. It is slowly getting paid off, and in about three years I will be graduating with my bachelors degree in Communications. Once this happens I will be reaching the stars. I can truly say that immigrating practically saved my life. This country has given me so much, that I’m willing to give this country many great things back.

If any politicians and people against immigration are reading this right now I encourage you to think about people in disabilities and those who immigrate just to give their family a better life. I really wish one day all the poor people and people with illnesses can be accepted and treated equally all over the world. This world needs better governments and more countries that can make the limitations of each and everyone of us fade away.


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