Why do I believe in GOD?

For the most part in this blog I will analyze how most of the society views many religions that believe in God. After that, I will explain in detail the main reasons of why believing in God can improve the life of each and everyone of us. Mainly because believing in God can serve as a philosophy of life. At the end, I will discuss how believing in God has made a great impact on the way I roll through my life with a smile on my face. Okay, lets roll♿.

I feel like today’s society believes in God much less every day that passes by. This may be because many people expect to obtain miracles just by praying everyday. I myself have asked God many times to take away my disease. He hasn’t done it yet but I still believe in his power. I believe that there is a reason for every decision he takes about our lives. I’ve heard others with similar conditions to mine, point out things like, “People should leave the church because I hate when people tell me they will pray for me, instead of wasting their time praying they should do research to find a cure to my disease”. Upon that I have a few thoughts. They should be thankful that others take the time to pray for them. Doing both praying and doing research is also possible. Furthermore, believing in God and going to church is more than just praying. It involves many great things that can help each and everyone of us achieve happiness and face life with a positive attitude. Just like it has done for me.

Here are the four main reasons believing in God can improve the life of people:

1. It’s great to feel thankful every day, as oppose to just on Thanksgiving. For example, every morning I thank God for those things he constantly blesses me with. By doing so, I focus my perception on enjoying those things I was bless with rather than focusing on the things I don’t have. Furthermore, psychologists believe that 40 percent of our happiness can be controlled. The other 60 percent we cannot take control of  as humans we need to focus on that 40 percent. According to a document called 21 days, psychologists encourage people to focus on personal strengths and many different healthy habits to increase our level of happiness. Most importantly on that document, healthy promoting habits are provided. One of those habits is every day listing three things you feel grateful for, by thanking God every day that exact same thing is being accomplish.

2. Praying helps people achieve goals. If your reading this right now your thinking already about faith and miracles. To be honest, I believe those things do exist. But, this isn’t the point I’m trying to make in this particular moment. My point is, people that don’t pray might not even know their life plans or future goals. However, if they pray every day they will focus each day of their lives on trying their best to achieve their goals. For example, I pray every day to have the enough intelligence and dedication to graduate as a journalist despite of my physical condition. By doing that, I focus on trying as hard as I can to accomplish my dream.

3. Being a good moral character leads people to happiness. The ten amendments say, don’t kill, never steal, lying is prohibit, and etc. All of these have to do with being a good moral character. Our nation is also based of the ten amendments because most of the laws we have to fallow as citizens, are part of the ten amendments. For a nation to run in a harmonious peaceful way, there is got to be equal fair laws for everyone. Being moral, helps people have a good relationship with others. God promotes us with moral principles and throughout his parabolas in the bible we all can see that. Many philosophers like Aristotle agree that the people that have discipline and are moral will tend to succeed or achieve happiness in the long run. If you kill you can go to jail, that does not sound fun. Lying to others, will always get you in trouble. Treating others well, will make them appreciate you and even help you whenever you need it. Those people like me, who believe in God have to be moral in order to be able to go to heaven. That maintains us away from acting immoral. Not following moral principles sometimes can make people feel good in the short run. This applies to any kind of immoral behavior, it can be fun and you may feel happy for some time but that happiness would not last for too long.

4. Believing in God encourages people to help others in need and to practice random acts of kindness to make this world a better place. If we as humans don’t try to make this world a better place, nobody else will. As shown in the bible, Jesus throughout his life focus on helping out others without expecting something in return and most of his real believers try their best to follow his great example. On that same 21 days document described previously, another healthy promoting habit to create happiness is practicing random acts of kindness. We need to focus on finding opportunities each day to show true kindness. By helping out strangers, friends, family members, coworkers, and etc. This will bring happiness into our lives. Also, it’s important If you have a passion or profession don’t just do it to benefit yourself but do it to benefit others in some way.

*To conclude this blog, these are some reasons I like to think about when somebody asks me if I believe in God. These are the reasons I could came up with, but I’m sure there are more reasons to believe in God. This isn’t meant to make anyone believe in God but is to at least get people to attempt to do the four good habits I described previously. Personally, I believe that God has shaped my perception on the way I roll through life. Every day I wake up feeling grateful with God for the awesome things he has given me. A new day, my supportive family, my friends, the clever power wheelchair I have, the opportunity to live in this amazing country, and the list could go on. I’ve managed to forget the obvious things I don’t have and each day I enjoy all of my blessings. I have forgotten about my limitations, God has given me peace in the middle of the pouring rain. Furthermore, I’m always focusing on maintaining moral and practicing acts of kindness. I feel that has also brought happiness into my life. The best part about God is that he accepts you for who you are he doesn’t care about your gender, race, ethnicity, wealth or condition. To God everybody is equal. Through this blog I encourage you to open your heart and receive God because he will bring happiness into your life and you will always stay strong. Most importantly, always be grateful and make the best out of those things you were bless with.



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