-4 ways to approach a pretty girl when your a young guy without compromises😉 who uses a motorized wheelchair♿ –

This blog is about those four ways I’ve managed to use in my life to meet pretty girls. I guarantee, that all of these have worked in the past. Bros’ let’s go get those girls👌👧👩 🎉 so let’s roll♿.

1. Ask her politely to help you do a simple task. For example, if you are by an elevator ask her to help you press the buttons for you.  Or you can also ask her for help when you want to put your headphones on your ears. Obviously, this only works if you have lost some strength on your hands. After she helps you, chat with her. At my college I don’t have someone to help me. However, it’s not a big deal for me. I just ask the cutest girl around to help me out. After they help me, I always have a nice talk with them. Then, if I see them again we would talk even more. After a few times of talking to them we can actually end up getting close.

2. Run her over on purpose, then apologize and have a conversation with her. The point of this is not to hurt her! It’s to get to know her so that’s why you have to be really careful on this one. At a mall, school or anywhere big where pretty ladies tend to go, roll fast bro. Pretend like you are not paying attention. Suddenly, get close to a cute girl and almost run her over. After that occurs, simply apologize and have a nice conversation. I have run plenty of girls over accidentally or on purpose in my life, then I usually apologize by giving them a ride or offering to buy them a drink. I have gotten very close to girls that I had run over in the past.

3. Offer her a ride♿, this might not work with all girls. From experience, I would say one out of two times works. Lately, I been asking the ones that are a bit easier looking, if you know what I mean. There has been many cute girls that have gotten on right away after I ask them. Those have been pretty fun moments. Usually, I give them a ride once then I give them multiple rides and suddenly we become closer. Every time I ask a girl for a ride they should take it as a compliment because I only offer rides to pretty girls. There has been a few times that when I see a girl somewhere, I think to myself “Oh no that’s the girl I used to give rides to”. One time one decent girl I used to give rides to really pissed me off. Well I was talking to my significant other at the time, when she came up to me. She got on my power wheelchair and was like, “Hey give me a ride now!” She was very rude as if that was my job or something. I replied, “Not right now get off!” This is why I like to tell my bros on wheels to be careful out there when you give rides to cute girls. It might end up getting intense.

4.This one only applies for pretty girls on power wheelchairs♿. It consists of getting close to that significant cute girl in a motorized wheelchair, and asking her if she wants to play bumper cars. There is a great chance she will say laughing,”Okay”. Once that happens crash her for a little bit then have a nice conversation and possibly ask her out on a date.

•I used to feel like no girl would ever be interested in a guy sitting in a wheelchair. Fortunately, that feeling is now gone. Today, I have proven to myself that being in a power wheelchair can actually be a huge help when it comes to meeting and picking up chicks. I never would of imagine that before. Now, of course sometimes this four ways of approaching a girl might not always work. Since this kind of stuff is a game where sometimes you win or you lose. Every time a girl rejects me, it simply just gives me a better opportunity to find someone better. Overall, this four ways of approaching girls have made me enjoy this amazing ride known as, life. Clearly as all of you guys can see, rolling around in a motorized wheelchair♿ rocks👌.

P. S. For all you able-bodied bros, investing on a power wheelchair♿ just to meet new chicks wouldn’t be that bad of an idea😉.image


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