-Life is about flipping coins-

As I been rolling through this life, I have taken many chances that have given me the opportunity to create awesome memories. Sometimes bad memories that gave me lessons and sometimes great moments that lead to discoveries. I believe that taking chances has put me where I am today. This blog is about the proper way to view the chances we all take. Okay, let’s roll.

The life of everyone is based on choices. We can not live a life without making choices because they’re just something that will forever be part of our lives. For each decision we make, there are two possible outcomes: Failing or succeeding. As human beings, we cannot let our fear of failing prevent us from taking chances. Taking chances is like flipping a coin. You may get, heads or tails. Heads is succeeding and tails represents failing. If you never flip the coin you will never know what happens. You will forever wonder what the outcome could have been.

When we take chances and we fail, it is God’s simple way of telling us that was not our right direction. At times, failing might teach you amazing lessons. If you succeed, it means that you were meant to succeed and it was part of the destiny God had set for you.

Here are examples of chances we all should take:

1. Asking someone out on a date.
2. Applying to a university.
3. Chossing a major to study.
4. Trying out a restaurant.
5. Cooking something you haven’t cook in the past.
6. Going to a music festival or any type of concert.
7. If you are a power wheelchair user, asking girls or guys if they want rides.
8. Traveling to a foreign city by yourself.
9. Leaving your phone number on piece of paper as a tip in restaurant. Who knows, maybe the hot waitress or waiter will give you a call.
10. Trying out new hobbies or sports.

This list could go on. There is an infinite number of chances we could take as humans in order to discover our true destinies. If you are reading this blog right know I encourage you to go out there and try everything. Take chances, until you discover the destiny the man up in the sky known as God has set for you. Just keep on flipping coins and you’ll end up finding the great plan God has set for you.



3 thoughts on “-Life is about flipping coins-

  1. I Sure will keep fliping coins !!! By doing it … As you well said I might find that plan that God may have for me… Well done, well said !

  2. If this world had more individuals such as yourself, our world would be a much better place! I feel honored and inspired to live my life better because of you.
    Thank you.

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