FAMILY, is everything to me👌♿.

This blog is about the people who I love the most and who matter the most to me. Those who will always be there for me to support me no matter what I go through. The five most important people in my life who have always been there to put me back on my wheels when I feel like I’m falling. This people, is my amazing family. Okay, let’s roll♿.


Let’s begin with the two most amazing folks I know, my parents. My parents have loved me no matter how rough my physical condition is. They were willing to sacrifice everything for me, a good business and a nice house in Mexico, just so that I could have a better life in America. That’s the most awesome thing someone has ever done for me and I’m pretty sure no one will ever do anything as awesome as that. By trying my very best to be a journalist, I am trying to pay my parents off that great sacrifice they made for me a few years ago. However, I know that I will never be able to completely pay them back one day. Furthermore, their always making sure I’m safe and looking out for the best for me. To be honest, I have the best parents anyone could ever ask for.

My brother, his not only a brother to me but his my best friend. He has been there to help me with anything I need. His the one that I come to when I need an advice about anything in life. However, at this point of my life most of the advises I ask him for are about girls😉. Whenever my parents aren’t around to help me his the one that helps me for them. If I need someone to take me somewhere my bro has my back and he takes care of that. His kind of my wingman as well, since he is the one that takes me to my dates with those girls. The best part is whenever his driving my van, we put some loud party tunes. Those car rides with my brother are definately the best. My life wouldn’t be as fun without my brother, who I’m glad to call my best friend.

Let’s continue with my sister, she means a lot to me as well. She has help me at times when I need something or when my brother is not around. Since she was the oldest, my sister wasn’t as involve in helping me out as my brother. That doesn’t make her less important to me. This girl has become my motivation. She was able to learn the English language in her Junior year and Senior year of High School. Working very hard, she has managed to get into dentistry school. The most impressive thing is that she applied to five universities were they only choose 80 out of 2,000 students who apply and she was accepted in 4 of these universities. Not even all the students who were born in America are able to do that. My sister taught me what happens when you are dedicated and when you really focus on your goals. I’m thankful for having such a great sister that has always motivate me to try as hard as I can to achieve my dreams. She successfully has been able to set an awesome example for me and my brother by always fighting for her dream of becoming a successful dentist.

Next, this amazing girl isn’t necessarily part of my direct family but she has always been sweet and kind to me. She totally deserves a spot on this blog. This girl, is my cousin. Now, that my brother and sister are away at a university, I realize that the one person I can count on when my parents aren’t around is her. Most importantly, this girl showed me that I can be an inspiration to others. For school, she did a presentation about me, where she talked about my disability and she showed her class the positive side of my disability and how strong I always seem to be. She showed them some powerpoint slides with pictures of me illustrating those moments when I’ve achieve some of my goals. At the end of the presentation she told the class that her cousin had that disability and that she wanted to show them that having a small or a big obstacle in life shouldn’t stop them from achieving their goals. This severe disability hasn’t stop me from doing anything. Thanks to her, I learned that anyone with a disability can be an inspiration to others by simply not letting their disability stop them from achieving their goals. I’m so glad, I have the fortune to have such a great cousin in my life.

Lastly, I have many family relatives such as, uncles, aunts, and cousins. I don’t see them often but whenever they are around they always tell me the most positive comments and they make my life happier. Every time I see my relatives, they make me realize how much I enjoy this awesome ride called life.

To wrap up this blog, I want to leave something clear. Throughout my life I have learned that friends come and go but my family will always remain there. Also, I want to take a moment to thank God for blessing me with such an awesome family. Yup, God gave me a complicated war known as Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy but, he blessed me with a great family that has helped me overcome this disability. Thanks to the huge support of my most love ones, my limitations tend to fade away.


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