Advantages & Disadvantages I’ve had of having a power wheelchair

When I put the Advantages and Disadvantages of using a power wheelchair into a balance there are obviously many more advantages. First I’ll list out the advantages with stories. After that, I’ll set up a list for the disadvantages with anecdotes as well. Then I will wrap this blog up with a meaningful reflection at the end.
Alright let’s roll.

•Here are the advantages:

1. Having a power wheelchair gives me freedom. I used to have one of those regular wheelchairs and it was annoying to ask people. “Could you push me over there please”. As soon as I got a power wheelchair I could just drive myself anywhere I wanted. The first time I got in a power wheelchair I was like, “Oh yeah I’m free! This thing rocks”.

2. It’s really comfortable. The power wheelchair I have is pretty fancy it has the ability to tilt back so I’m always resting on it. In my classes at the college when I get bored or tired, I just tilt back and chill out. If I want to sleep, I can just tell the person sitting next to me: “Dude, just wake me up when class is over”.

3. My motorized wheelchair defends me from others. So my friends, twist each others nipples or they punch each other in that part down there that all of us guys have. That is surely something very painful. When I had a regular wheelchair they would sometimes try to do that to me. The worst part was that there was nothing I could do about it, besides telling them “Stop bro!”. However, that didn’t do anything. Now that I have a power wheelchair everybody knows what happens if they mess with me. I run them over, as they scream like a bunch of little girls. For example a crazy girl that I loved to mess around with, once told me as joke when I dropped a paper to the ground, “Pick it up Anuar”. In my mind I thought for a few seconds, “I’m sitting in a wheelchair you jerk”. The words that came out of my mouth were, “I’m totally running you over right now no other girl has offended me like this before”. I took her to a corner and as she screamed I pretended to run her over. After that day, we would laugh about it and most importantly I thought her a valuable lesson that day, “Never mess with someone on a power wheelchair”.

4. It makes it easy to make friends. Anytime when im out rolling fast at, school, store, neighborhood, and etc. There are always certain people that will come up to me and be like, “Hey man how fast does that thing go”. Then we have a conversation and next time I see them we talk again. I’ve meet many cool folks by rolling fast next to them.

5. Playing bumper cars with other motorized wheelchair users. This is so fun to do at a summer camp that I attend for people with disabilities. I have played around with other power wheelchair users by crashing into their chairs. This one time at my college, a random pretty girl in a power wheelchair was rolling next to me. She said, “Wanna race?” I replied to her, “No I rather play bumper wheelchairs with you”. So I crashed her and she crashed me back. We rolled across the hallway crashing into each other back and forth. That was a fun day.

6. Giving rides to girls is by far my favorite activity. Back in my middle school, one of my friends was standing up in the back two wheels of my chair and I gave him a ride. I was a little bit confused since I didn’t know what was going on, so I asked him to get off but he didn’t listen to me. Later that day I realized that my friend without even knowing, made one of the greatest discoveries. I didn’t know I could be able to give rides to people! As I started my high school days, I started to give rides to cute girls. That became one of my favorite activities. Unfortunately, sometimes this would get me into trouble, and that was no fun. Giving rides to girls was the reason why sometimes I was late to my classes. However, sometimes it was totally worth it. It was cool to take pretty girls to their classes and sometimes I would even take them all the way into their sits. That felt kind of weird to roll into classrooms I didn’t necessarily had to go to just to drop a chick off. At times when I gave rides to girls they would even sit on my lap. That was surely a lot of fun. I remember telling my friends one time, “I should put a poster on my chair that says, “5 dollars per ride but if your a pretty girl willing to sit on my lap it’s free”. Now I even have a shirt that says, “I give great rides”. So if you are a pretty girl reading this right now and you see me around somewhere feel free to hop on.

•Below are the disadvantages:

1. I accidentally run people over. This has made me pass some embarrassing moments that have made me feel terrible. For example, back in high school one time I was about to be late to my class. So I was rolling fast in the hallways, I took a turn around a corner and I didn’t saw this old looking teacher. Unfortunately, I ran her foot over and that made me feel horrible. However, I knew many students didn’t like that teacher that much which made me feel less bad. But still, no one deserves to be ran over if they didn’t do anything to me. In the times I have ran over good looking girls it’s not so bad actually because then it’s a great excuse to offer them a ride, as an apology. I’ve met lots of nice girls by running them over “accidentally”.

2. My power wheelchair gets stuck in wires. Particularly this disadvantage is the most annoying one. One time it happened in my room so I was like, “Oh crap, I just got stuck in my own room”. Luckily, my dad was home so he was able to help me out. Fortunately, this has never happened to me when I am alone at my house. If that happens I will be screw, although I would probably use that as an excuse to call and ask a friend to come over to rescue me.

3. In the winter my power wheelchair gets stuck in the snow. Getting stuck in the snow in the middle of the cold wind, is not fun obviously. One time after my bus dropped me off, I was stuck in my drive way for about twenty minutes until my brother was able clean up all the snow. As my brother was cleaning the drive way I was freezing myself up. Other times my wheels just get full of snow as im going inside my house. My mom makes me stay in the garage for a couple minutes so I don’t get our house all dirty. This is so annoying because sometimes I wait a couple minutes, then I go inside and I still get my house dirty. The only time I enjoy getting large amounts of snow on my wheels is when i’m just outside having fun. Every time i’m taking a turn my motorized wheelchair slides. It probably gives the same awesome feeling, able-bodied people get when their ice skating.

*Overall, there are six great benefits of having a power wheelchair. As oppose to having a simple regular manual wheelchair. However there are three disadvantages, but if you notice to each of them I have manage to find a positive side to them. Since I truly believe that every disadvantage on anything, has a positive side that can be found. To finish up, I want to leave you with something very clear. My disability will be much more rough if motorized wheelchairs didn’t exist. Having to have someone to push me around all the time, would not be the most convenient thing. I would have much less independence. Furthermore, all those awesome and fun experiences I’ve had never would of taken place. Therefore, every day I thank God for giving the enough intelligence to people for creating these great wheelchairs and for giving me the opportunity to have one. My life might not be perfect but I still have many great things to thank God for, such as my power wheelchair. I am sure that all people in this world have other great blessings just like I do. Look for them and thank God.

P. S. Those six advantages listed previously are the reasons for the name of this blog page. Those are all the reasons why I always say, “Wheelchair$ Rock”.



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