Using my fear as a motivation

Achieving equality to me as a person sitting in a wheelchair, means working on my profession and living on my own. It means to live without the help of my family and hiring other people to help me.

To finish a career and live on their own without depending on their families is the dream life of everyone that has my age and is able-bodied for the most part. People with disabilities have the same dreams as everyone else, but we have to work even harder in order to achieve those goals.

As many of you all know I have a disability that is currently not letting me walk, drive, and do many of my daily tasks. My biggest fear is to depend on my family forever. A few years ago right around the time I graduated high school, I took the decision to use that fear as a motivation and to keep on trying each day of my life to be a person that doesn’t depend on his family for everything.


People in this situation or others complain about not being treated equal. However, I believe that if we want equality we have to work hard towards achieving it. Sitting in my wheelchair at home and not going to college is the easy route for me to take but that does not get me the equality and independence I want to obtain. Furthermore, it sets a bad example to others in a similar situation to mine. I want to be remembered as the guy in the wheelchair that graduated college and didn’t depend on his family all of his life. A guy that achieved equality, and proved the people around him that anything is possible when you believe in yourself.

Having this disability does not mean to me that I will always depend on my family and that there is no better future for me. It means to me, always keep on fighting for a better future and if you achieve it, you will inspire others that gave up in achieving their own better futures.


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