God Why Me?

I used to ask god: Why do I have this terrible disability? Do you not like me? Other times I would angrily tell God, I’m not that bad of a person I don’t deserve having this severe illness. Why do you do this to me? This isn’t fair all my friends misbehave more than me. Yet they are completely healthy, If you are suppose to love everyone equally. Why aren’t we all healthy? Whats the point of diseases God? I had all this kinds of thoughts in my mind.image

Now that the years have passed I realize, that I should have never questioned God. Why do I have this terrible disability? The question I should have always made, which is the question I make now everyday. God for what did you choose me to have this terrible disability?

Today I know for what God sent me with this illness. The reason God sent me with this disease was to inspire others. As I grew older i noticed that I wasn’t going to led my disability stop me from doing anything and from being happy. Therefore, I started to try new things and I started to enjoy life with the things I had.

One lady at church once told me that she was surprised that I always had a smile on my face and that seeing me happy all the time was a huge inspiration for her. Ever since that day my goal has been to always keep a smile on my face because I might be inspiring someone. I noticed that since I had a disability people that are healthy could be inspire by just my simple smile. They can think well im blessed to be healthy why can’t I smile.

God sent me with a tough disability but God never gives you more than what you can handle. For every challenge God blesses you with resources that will help you overcome it. For example, I was blessed in the moment my Grandpa was able to make all his family citizens of the U.S. Thanks to that my Dad was able to bring me to the United States and I became a legal citizen too. Also I was so blessed to have great parents that have supported me all the time. They even were willing to sacrifice a big house in Mexico that took them years to build in order to bring me to a better place. The country of the opportunities, the United States of America. God knew I was the right one for this mission. Just like when a boss hires an employee, God hired me because of my qualities and he gave me helpful tools to achieve this mission.

I even feel bless because out of a thousands of employees God decided to hire me and I will prove him he made a wise choice by graduating from a university, having a normal life, getting married and showing everyone throughout my life that I am happy with who I am. That last thing can be done easily with just a simple smile.

Lastly I want to leave something very clear, the reason God sent different disabilities into the world was so that the people with them could inspire others. For us, the chosen by God to have disabilities, our mission is to not let this disabilities stop us from doing anything. Others that are bless to be able-bodied will be inspired by seeing us succeed and face life with a smile despite of our rough illnesses.


2 thoughts on “God Why Me?

  1. Life Is Good… and you are a proof to all of us specially the ones closer to you.
    that God has his ways to work and make miracles every day and I strongly believe you are one of his best… workers to help him and show the world what we all are capable to live in peace and that we can achieve our goal in life with your guidenes. keep up preparing your self I’m sure that you are in the process to became a greater person that you already are and you are going to achieve everything you put your mind to it.
    enjoy life every day and be happy
    Anuar… you are an Angel

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